Social Media Marketing

When we hear the term “social media” our minds right away head towards Facebook and Twitter. They are the most popular social media platforms out there right now but did you know there are others that could be more effective for your business. It is important to find the right social platform that enables you to connect with your customers.

Our social media management service is designed to save you time and keep you in control of your messages from various social media networks. Our objective is to simplify the handling of the social media platforms so that you are able to meet your challenges and key business goals.

How Our Social Media Management Services Can Help 

As part of our social media management service we offer help and guidance with the following:

Social Consultancy - Our team will develop a solid social marketing strategy based upon your business goals. Even if you have an in-house team, we’ll assist them with guidance on how to build a better social marketing strategy with the aim of enhancing social presence. 

Brand Management Services – We will help in securing the most appropriate usernames and profiles for your business. Your business and your brand is very important therefore our marketing team will always help in protecting your brands image on all social platforms.

Engaging Discussion – Our social marketing team will write creative, engaging posts and updates that can be shared across all the popular social platforms. 

Social Media Monitoring – We will check and monitor all the social platforms to see who’s talking about your business and brand, what they are saying about you and whether if its impacts your business positively or not. 

Social Media PPC – With the emergence of LinkedIn ads, Facebook sponsored ads, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest, we can directly target your social audience to get the best value for your money and generate good interest for the new product. 

Social Reporting and Analysis – Our team will help in analysing and reporting all the activities undertaken across all the marketing platforms online.