Search Engine Optimisation


Our SEO Services are designed to increase online presence and visibility within Google’s organic search results to deliver top quality, relevant traffic to your site. We all know the top pages within the search engines are dominated by the big businesses with big budgets. This has been pushing and making it difficult for the start-ups to compete.  Our tailor-made SEO packages are geared towards helping the small businesses and start-ups get the visibility and effectively compete against the big businesses.


It is imperative that you choose your SEO services company with utmost care. If any company/freelancer assures guaranteed first page ranking on Google, our honest advice is to be careful. Here at Cheapseoservice, we have a talented and experienced team of ethical SEO experts who will not try to cheat you with worthless guarantees. Instead we’ll help you understand the methodologies and explain what and why certain tasks need to be done in order to improve the performance of your website. Are your website’s search results driving your business down? If yes, send us your concerns and we are ready to give you a FREE consultation on how to improve it.


Everyone wants to see their site on page one, but not all sites deserve to be ranked there. Your website has to earn and win that right be placed on the first page. We have over a decade of experience in Search engine marketing, which implies we know what technique works and what is now out-dated. Google now has over 200 scoring signals in their organic algorithm and last year alone there were over 500 plus improvements made their search algorithm. 


The job of your website is to win new business and increase the sales and enquiries. Your Search engine marketing campaign cannot be deemed as a success if it fails to deliver a ROI. Being on the first page is not enough for your business, the conversion of your website visitors is what will determine the success of your SEO campaign.  We understand the need for your business to grow and attract prospective customers nationally or internationally. We are not magicians but a team of experienced and talented experts who take an active interest in bringing success to your business.


We are a talented and focused team of highly driven SEO consultants who live and breathe SEO. We have a fantastic group of in-house developers, web designers, content writers (multi-lingual too) and strategists. Our experienced team has worked with customers from all over the globe covering all small to big industries. Our marketing approach is based upon understanding your own business goals and constraints, before devising a custom SEO strategy that’s best suited for your website, thus giving you a greater return on your investment. Our service is more than just traditional SEO and focuses on creating website marketing campaigns that result in effective lead generation and conversions.

Our SEO Team offers the following and more:


SEO Consultancy

Our team will work alongside you by assisting in defining your SEO goals and develop a marketing strategy for you. Our experts are well experienced and versed in the digital marketing world. We can offer guidance, training and support to your in-house SEO team.

Onsite Optimisation

Our experts will analyse your site’s structure and provide recommendations on how to improve them with regards to relevancy and targeting your keywords. Our team will also undertake all on-page changes on behalf of our client. We will advise on all site migrations to server related tips.

Keyword Research

Our team will assist in researching the best possible keywords for your industry and guide you in devising a solid SEO strategy for your market. We will provide ranking estimations based on level of competition and searches per month.

Link Building

Many marketers consider this as an outdated marketing strategy but it is still a fundamental signal in Google’s scoring charts. Today link building is not about the quantity of links but the quality of content one links to. Internal linking is highly important too.

Google Penalty Recovery

Our team will assess and analyse your link profile so that we can help in Google penalty recovery. We have lots of experience in helping many sites recover from Google algorithmic penalties such as Panda and Penguin.

Content Marketing

Content is today the backbone of all marketing campaigns. We have a carefully selected team of creative writers who are well versed in writing articles, blogs and content for many industries and niche’s around the globe.

Outreach and SEO PR

Our experienced and exceptional bloggers have close contacts with some of the most authoritative publishers across several industries around the globe. We will connect and market your brand with your targeted audience by creating unique content that can go viral.

Infographics and Digital Content

People like visuals and infographic has been everyone’s favourite marketing medium over the past few years. Our creative designers will work alongside you to create eye catching infographic and digital interactive content for your website to get shared across the web.

Social Media Marketing

No one really comprehends the relationship the search engines have with the social signals when it comes to ranking a website. However it is imperative that as a website you reach out to your targeted audience in a bid to amplify your products or services and your message.

Monthly Reports

We provide monthly reports on the traffic, visibility, conversions (if Analytics provided) so that we can measure the success of the campaign against the SEO investment as we understand that is what matters to most businesses.