What are the Most Effective SEO Tips

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Do you want to be on the first page of Google? Are you trying to understand the way SEO works but you are confused as to what is the thing that you should focus on?

There are several factors that affect the ranking of your website in Google. It is very easy to get confused in case you are working on the subject of SEO. If you feel that you are getting all worked up by all the tricks and tips of SEO then you should just take step back and consider the thing that is more important.

Effective Tips for Search Engine Optimization 

The Layout of the Site:

The architecture of the website should be the first thing that you need to look into. The content of the website should be to the point and absolutely clear. You should definitely avoid placing ads above the fold. The navigation in the page should be easy for the visitors to handle. The URL of the website should also be SEO friendly. Make sure that you include a section of privacy policy and about page.

Search for Keyword:

The keywords that are selected should be chosen very wisely. There should be a main keyword for every page. You should also keep on the check on the keywords of your competitor and monitor the CTR.

Title Tag:

The first thing about the title tag is that you should front load your keyword. Make sure that the title tag is clickable and avoid truncation for sure. You should never repeat the keywords that you are using. Also, if you end the name of the brand in the end then you rank better in the search engine. The title tag should not be more than 50-60 words.

Meta Description:

The primary thing about meta description is that it should be precise. The main focus keyword should be included as soon as possible. The characters that you use for it should be under 160 keywords. Here, too you should avoid truncation at all cost.

Header Tags:

In order to be placed on the top of the ranking list you need to place an exclusive H1 tag for each and every page. There should be a focus keyword for H1 and LSI keyword for H2 and H3. Also ensure that you are avoiding header tags in the layout.


Content is known to be the king of the website. There should be a focus keyword in the first paragraph itself. There is a co-relation in between large contents and higher ranking. Do not stuff the contents with keywords. You should also include LSI keyword. The content should have internal and external links. Give priority to the quality of the content. Viewers need to relate to the content of the website and that is how you will gain ranking.


The viewers should have a good experience when they visit your site. This is the reason you should lower down your bounce rate. Also, minimize the pop-ups of your page. At present most of the people are comfortable visiting a website from a mobile and that is the reason you should make sure that the site is mobile optimized. 


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