Tips To Improve Your Mobile SEO Performance

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Mobile devices are here to stay. This incredible technology is gradually surpassing and sometimes replacing other forms of communication and computing. After the recent Google Mobile Update for its search algorithm, it has become a top most priority for the search marketers to make their sites mobile friendly so that they get a good search engine ranking when searched through mobiles.

One can have a separate mobile site which basically means a version of the website that can be accessed through a mobile device. However, it will be better if you have a single site that can be accessed from all devices, mobile or otherwise. Keep in mind that SEO dynamics for mobiles are a bit different than regular searches. There are some tips to ensure that your Seo campaigns work fine on mobile phones.

·         Proper Sitemap for Your Website: If a proper sitemap is implemented, the search engines will better understand the pages that you want the bots to crawl. It will also help the search engines understand the priority of the different pages of content. This way you can control what the potential customers get to see first when they search the engines. You should prepare a XML sitemap and then submit it to the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This will help them serve the mobile search engine needs better. Once your sitemap has been created, check if it is in agreement with the mobile’s sitemap protocol.

·         Check with the Googlebot: It is very important that you check if the robots.txt file is accessible. It is very essential for the proper indexing of the site. It is important that you check that Google indexes everything including the images, JavaScript and CSS.

·         Get Rid Of Any Duplicate Content And The Crawl Space Error: If you have different versions of sites it may often happen that the content may overlap. You should annotate the relation between the pages otherwise you will end up being penalized by Google. You can add alt tags to make sure that links are well established two. You can also add canonical tags pointing to the other versions of the same site.

·         Use the Right Keywords and Meta Tags for Your Site: It is important that you get the right on-page optimization done for your mobile site. It is important to choose the right keywords and optimize the meta tags with it. The meta tags title must not be more than 55 characters and the description should be limited to 115 characters.

·         Ensure The Site’s Index and Usability: It is a good idea to create a Google Webmaster tools profile for your site and also create the mobile xml sitemap. This will help you improve the search appearance. Then you can link it up with the analytics profile. Make sure that the design in right with all the elements visible on the small screen and they are also clickable. Lastly, you must also check the page loading speed as it will define the quality of the user experience.


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