The different SEO approaches for successful digital marketing

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Search engine optimization is very important for getting good ranking on the web site. However, there are different kinds of seo and the strategies vary from one another. 
They can be used according to the client’s requirement.
Local SEO:  This is a focused search engine strategy in order to increase the visibility of the business and its services in a particular geographic area. Optimization works with certain keywords and phrases that are related to the web site and the business. For the local variety, the keyword relates to a specific area, community or neighborhood.
The local seo strategy is however, not just limited to optimizing the web site. It also includes participating in the community events and sharing the details about it in the web site or blog. It also includes creation of local profiles on the local search directories. Registration to the top directories of the localities must also be done in this process. There are data aggregators where the details about your company can be submitted.
Technical SEO: It is very important for the companies to include technical SEO in their total marketing strategy. Without it, your marketing strategy will remain incomplete. This process involves the backend part of the web site and it takes care of many things like –optimization, page loading, mobile friendliness, etc. The entire technical side of the process is taken care of and the parts like title, images, and descriptions are also optimized as per the requirement. In fact a huge part of the successful strategy depends on the technical aspect of the SEO. Here is our blog outlining how to rank high via off page optimisation.
Barnacle SEO: Just as the name suggests, the SEO too attaches itself to a larger object like the marine creature. The marine creature by the same name feeds on the floating particles near to the place where it has attached itself. The same way a business that does not have a good ranking on the search engine site can attach itself to the larger and the more successful business web sites. This way they can feed on the search results and get a higher ranking for themselves. In short, a customer who searches for a more popular business also get to see the small business which is connected to it in the search result.
In order to get this done successfully, it is extremely crucial to segregate the largest businesses and the ones you want to get connected with. This will help you focus and help you get a fruitful result. This a good opportunity to think out of the box and make your creative side more active.
National SEO:  This is useful for bigger businesses which are not constrained by geography.  It is suitable for the service providers that can reach and serve everyone on the nation.  The big ecommerce sites are good examples of this type of service. They can be accessed by everyone and they usually provide their services to various parts of the country. It is not bound by location and it can serve all the customers.


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