The Black Hat SEO Techniques That Will Harm Your Rankings

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SEO is very commonly used in order to get the better ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google often updates its algorithms hence it is an imperative that the SEO techniques are also redone on a regular basis. There are many organic techniques that one can use for getting good ranking. There are also several unethical or ‘black hat techniques’ that should be avoided at all costs. These techniques are not only illegal, but they can also harm the ranking of the web site on the search engines. Google can severely penalize your site if you use these illegal tactics.

Some of the common SEO tactics that you must avoid at all costs are:

·         Cloaking:  This is a technique where the search engines are deceived by showing a different content that what it is actually happens to be. For example, the web code that you have used tells Google that you are directing the visitors to a games site, whereas the site is actually an ecommerce site. This is a kind of deceiving and actions can be taken against you for misleading the users. Google has some algorithms that they use for detecting these illegal practices.

·         Link Exchanges:  This is a harmful practice that can lower the ranking of the web site significantly. Before Google had come up with algorithms for detecting this, Link exchanges were popular and were practiced by many. You may think that this helps you get a lot of links at a less amount of time, but his is not especially helpful for securing ranking on the search engines. Low quality links can lower the credibility of your web site to a large extent.

·         Duplicate Content: This is considered to be the worst method of SEO black hat technique. Google always looks for original content and ranks only fresh and unique content. If you copy the texts from other sites, you efforts to get the good ranking will totally go to waste. Google only ranks the original content and if you copy it will not rank your site. It is better to run your content through the detectors like Copyscape to ensure that the content is original and not copied from any other site.

·         Keyword Stuffing: Keywords play a major part in all SEO efforts. Placing the right keyword in the right place is the trick to getting the ranking that you want. But, that does not mean that you go overboard with it. If you stuff the content with the keywords or clutter it Google will read it as spam. You should follow the keyword specifications and use it in the correct density.

·         Hidden Text: It may sound strange, but many people use hidden texts to increase their SEO ranking in Google. This basically implies text written in white ink on a white background or black ink in black background with extra keywords included in it. They are not readily visible to the eye. If this is caught by Google, you will be penalized.


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