The Basics of Blogging SEO That You Should Know

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SEO is the technology that is used for ranking your blog and web site high on the search engines. Basically Google has developed various algorithms that are used for ranking your web site. There are crawlers or spiders that check the components of your site and decide whether it is worth ranking or not. There are many indicators that Google takes into consideration like domain, back links, content and so on. The SEO technology is used to make the web site more relevant with those determinants that the crawlers prefer.

When you are starting your own blog there are certain points that are a must-have if you want a successful optimization of your web site.

·         Domain and Hosting: If you set up your blog on a free domain, your blog will not receive much ranking on the web site. If you want to get results from your SEO ranking you need to set up your own domain and hosting.

·         Write Only Original Content: Google is always looking for new and fresh content. This is sure shot way of increasing your ranking on the web site. Write only original content that has in depth research and is long. Research shows that lengthy articles have more appeal than the ones of short length. Research about the format too and then start including them in your posts.

·         Photography: In order to increase your blog credibility and appeal, you need to add images to it as well. You need to post original pictures in your content in order to get more hits. If used correctly, they can increase the SEO value of your web site to a huge extent.

·         Videos: Video marketing is an upcoming trend and very useful one too. You can create your own videos and then build links to it in YouTube or Google videos. The videos have a lot of attraction among the viewers and including them in your blog will increase the appeal of it significantly.

·         Build Proper Back Links: this is essential for ensuring a successful SEO service. It is better to create back links and not buy them since they will be banned by Google. Also make sure that the back links are on a good and authoritative site than any unknown questionable web site.

·         Optimize Your SEO Theme: This is very essential if you want a consistent result. This is important since it gives Google the idea that your site is a legit and reliable one. Go for original themes rather than common ones. The new themes also have a lot of benefits that you can use for ranking your site.

·         Comment on Blogs: This is a good way to improve your network and make yourself known, If you comment on a blog, it will also count as a backlink.

·         Social Media Profile: Building a proper social media profile will also go a long way since it will give your blog a lot of exposure. This will make it easier for your blog to reach an increased number of readers.


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