Gear Up With These Cool On-Page Optimization Tricks For 2016

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If you want to optimize your web site or blog in the search engines, you should be aware of two methods, the on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On-page optimization is very different from onsite SEO optimization. In the on-page optimization technique, the content of the site is optimized for the keywords. This is an all comprehensive process and includes placement of the keywords, headings, quality of the content and so on.

The best on-page optimization tricks that can help you secure high rank for your web site are as follows.


This is a very important on page factor and it will help you secure high ranking on the web site. It is essential to place the right keywords on the title. It is better if the keywords can be placed on the front. The title length is also important. It must not cross 65 characters inclusive of spaces. If all the rules are followed then the page ranking can surely increase.

Post Permanent Structure

This is basically moving forward with the optimized URL structure. Here also you can use the chosen keywords at the beginning of the URL of the blog post. You should not use any special characters in it like commas, colons, symbols or brackets. The URL should only consist of alphabets as well as numerical from 0 to 9. You can include dashes to separate the strings of URLs. Follow only the permalinks if you want good results.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is very important if you want to get the good ranking on the search engine. The density should not 1.5% in the content. Remember to use the keyword in the first paragraph and also the last one. Do not forget to highlight the important phrases and keywords so that it stands out.

Article Length

Short articles are not very good for getting good ranking. Research shows that blogs with few words do not fare very well on the search engines. You should write articles of minimum 700 words if you want to create an impact. Do not write shallow articles, but research well and include as much information as you can in the articles. Write naturally, targeting your audience and do not make it mechanical for the sake of search engines.

Interlink the Content

This is another trick that works really well. You can link your blog posts to the others blog of similar topics or ideas. This interlinking can will help in improvement of the traffic. However, you have to make sure to link to only quality blogs and not random posts as this may harm your web site’s credibility. Do not go for sites that are not trusted by Google.

Write Good Content

At the end of the day none of your SEO efforts will show any colors, if your content is not engaging or exciting. The viewers need to get attracted to the post enough to complete reading the entire thing. If the bounce rate increases, it will impact your web site negatively on Google.

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