Common Onsite SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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If you want to attract the users and audience to your web site, you certainly need to make it as attractive as possible. However, only design and graphics are not enough to engage your audience to the point of conversion.  You cannot avoid the importance of the search engine optimization of your website. There are many sides to the SEO campaign and you need to have them all for the success of your web site.

One of the most common techniques used is the onsite SEO. Nonetheless, you may end up making some common onsite mistakes that may cost you the visibility of the site. The mistakes that must be avoided at all costs are given below.

Lack of Content or Thinness of Content

Content is a very important part of any website. If you do not have content in your site or of it is thin, the SEO efforts will not be fully successful. It will certainly affect your visibility in the search engines. The content should be original, long and of high quality. Make sure you do check for plagiarism before you post the content on your site.

Proper Keywords

Targeted keywords are essential and they play a major role in getting the site the visibility it needs. You can perform an SEO audit to determine the feasibility and the success of the keywords.

Anchor Texts and Internal Links

The web crawlers will crawl through your site easily if you have proper internal links.  With these links, the crawlers will also understand which pages are more important and should have more visibility.

Non-Targeted URLs

This is another mistake that most people make frequently. They forget to make the URLs as targeted as possible. The URLS must also be clean and descriptive for the SEO campaigns to be more successful.

Non-Targeted Heading Tags

H1 tags are a very important part of any page and they need to be paid as much attention as the content body. Moreover it will also help the search engine crawlers to get better foray into it.

Duplicate Content

If you have more than one versions of the site, like a web site or mobile site, the content is bound to overlap. It is essential that you link the sites to each other or Google will penalize you. You can also redirect the page with duplicate content to the one with original content making the process even simpler.

Lack of a XML Sitemap

This is another reliable method by which you can tell the crawlers or Google bots which webpages are important. As such, make sure that you generate a proper sitemap.xml for your site.

Meta Title and the Meta Description

You need to make sure that the metatitles and the meta descriptions are targeted as well. Moreover, you need to make sure that the metal title and meta description is different for every page. There are tools for solving this problem and you can take their help to fix the weaknesses that you web site may have.

If you follow these certain tips, you SEO efforts will surely be successful.


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